Monday, May 17, 2010

Almost half a year!

We gotta get moving on this project. This is what we did last Thursday.

Where we left off:

We want to work on the rear axle. The rough plan is to cut off unused metal, blast, paint, and service the diff. The first step was to unbutton it from the rear of the car:

Work proceeds on making the heads nice and naked. Once they're fully empty of valve components, then we'll send them to the shop to get the stuck bolts undone:

We also need to order some longer bolts for the mission critical suspension elements. We can't have short bolts endangering lives at the track. Here's an example too-short bolt:

Where the pistons have been sleeping:

The worst wear on the crank. I dunno if this is bad or not. The bearings seemed ok compared to this:

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