Wednesday, September 24, 2008

getting ready...

So I am sweating about the old Mustang's engine not being able to start.  My friend Anthony filled my head with dire prognostications about seized up motors, bad piston rings, etc.  I really hope it's something innocuous like a bad starter.  Nevertheless, tonight I will pull spark plugs, have a look around, and put in some Mystery Oil to get the engine at least a little prelubricated in preparation for being started.

We plan to work this Thursday.   If things go our way we'll remove and drain the fuel cell (and fuel system),  and hopefully get the starter pulled out for testing.  

In the meantime garage/shop preparation continues.  I stopped by Sears today and used a couple of gift cards (that I got from work last year) to pick up another set of tools, basically for free.  IMHO, tool shopping at Sears should be regulated like controlled substances - it's totally addictive.

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