Friday, September 19, 2008

the rough schedule

With steady work contributions starting this week, we should be done with the build toward the end of the year. FFR estimates 300 man-hours on the build. And we're going to conservatively estimate it at 400 hours. Often with more than 1 person working at once. As for all the work of painting it (which is not part of the build), we'll decide how nicely we want the paint job to come out when we get there. Tired and beat == 30-foot paint job. Still excited == 10-foot paint job. CG has decided on a British Racing Green shade for the car. And not to stripe it, at least not initially.

So tentatively, we'll shoot for 12/25 (or, you know, before people take vacation) as the day when we drop off the car for paint and clear-coat. It's still possible that we'll attempt to paint it ourselves.

Perhaps the biggest unknown right now is a mod that CG really wants -- an in-cockpit adjustable brake proportioning valve. Based on the location of the master cylinder, it shouldn't be impossible to set up, but there would be no help or references. At least not for on a Type 65 Coupe.

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