Saturday, February 14, 2009

Back in the shop again...

Winter in New England means snow, cold, bad roads, bad drivers (ok that's a constant), cold, and snow.  And did I mention cold?  The garage has been freezing cold all winter, and it's been difficult to get enthusiastic about working on the car.  Whacking your knuckles on hard metal is painful, with code hands it's far worse.  Whine, whine, whine...

So finally on Feb 12 we got together to work on the car.  We're still tearing down the Mustang, and in November it felt like we had 8 things 40% done.  After wrapping up Thursday night we're a whole lot further down the road and it feels like we're finally making some progress.

The wiring harness is nearly completely disconnected from all things in the engine compartment.  The intake manifold is off the engine in preparation for removing the engine.  The hard lines are off the power steering pump, and the rack is out of the car.  The front and rear sway bars are removed.  The rear springs are out of the car.  The quad shocks are disconnected.  Most of the panhard bar is disassembled in place.  The rear end is almost out of the car.  We need to disconnect the driveshaft and a few remaining pieces of the panhard bar and then the rear will be separate. 

Looking at the current status, it would seem after one more good session like this we'll be able to remove the engine fro the car and get it on a stand for inspection and possible tear-down.  Once the rear-end is out I can start cleaning it up and getting it ready for paint.  I'm personally looking forward to getting on to the actual build of the new car, and will be happy when we can get the Mustang chassis out of the garge and sold.

So all-in-all, a great night working in the garage.  The 4 of us got a mountain of work done in less than 5 hours, and it was a lot of fun to get my head out of the office and computers and into the shop.

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