Monday, February 16, 2009

pics from last Thursday

Don't have much to add that CG didn't already say. But here are some pics from this awesome sessions. I am fueled to press on by visions of tearing around cones at an autocross with the finished product.

The intake manifold off and set aside. No one step on the throttle body!

Engine bay now. All the wires are off and we plugged up the block.

A shot down into the engine bay. You can see the troublesome steering shaft in the very middle of the picture, to the right of the trouble light.

Front sway bar. Note: we're missing a nylock bolt for the top of one of the endlinks. The bolts to the sway bar mounts are also really rusted and rounded.

Steering rack. You shoulda seen how bad the power steering fluid is.

The Foxbody front suspension is the devil. We have yet to get the springs off. At least we have the right tool now.

The rear springs, howewer, are down and out.

You can see the quad shock finally unhooked in the center of the picture there. The rear is coming apart fast.

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