Thursday, July 30, 2009

Back on track!

Time to dust off the project:

To recap, the Mustang was gone as of a month ago. This is the space left behind:

One thing we wanted to set up right away was better lighting. We set up 2 4' racks of 3 bulbs each.

hey guys wirenuts are ok for automotive projects, right?

Inspired by LloydDobler's project, I used a ziptie to prevent the electric cord from sliding out the hole.

Done. It's a bit crude and roughshod, but it's bright as hell.

Now we had to reorient the frame from the center spot to be under the light.

After some clearing out all the cruft piled aruond it, and huffing and puffing, we rotated the frame and reset the jackstands under the frame.

- set up work bench
- send engine off to get worked on
- put new diff gears into diff
- install rear end

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